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13—15 May 2018 | Olympia London


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Here is what our exhibitors have been saying about us!

Here is what our exhibitors have been saying about us!

"I’ve been doing Pulse now since 2001 and the thing we love about Pulse is it’s the only mid-season show in Europe. It’s great for summer top-ups and also for launching new products for the autumn.

For an established company like Grand Illusions, and for a new start up, it is so important to have exposure as many times as possible, because otherwise it’s only January and September. So to have exposure three times a year is really good."

Nick Ronald, Grand Illusions


"As a start-up, it’s been really great being part of such as big event where you see so many established brands; it gives you a vision of where you want to be. You feel really included; you can ask people who have established businesses for experienced tips.

It’s really inspirational to actually be face-to-face with buyers for the first time. It’s been really great!

We would do Pulse again because we feel that we’ve met some really influential people here and it gives us scope of where we want to grow – so going from Launchpad into a big stand, I mean, that’s the dream! We would definitely do it again!"

Anisha Parmar, Anisha Parmar London


"The quality of customers has been very good and we have seen our bigger customers here today. For us, it’s a very important show. The look of the show is fresh, spring-like and I love the vibrant colours! In fact we incorporate the colours when we send out our e-flyers to the customers. I love the pinks, they are so vibrant!"

Dipika Shah, Globe Enterprise


"This is my first time doing Pulse and today has been really busy. I’ve had some fantastic enquiries. I’d definitely do a show like Pulse again because of the calibre of person that is coming by. Fenwick have been past this morning already! We’ve got another 4/5 hours so who knows is going to drop by."

Jayne Kethro, T London


"We’re a social enterprise and Pulse benefits us because the work of the artists who live with disabilities and complex epilepsy stand alongside other design-based products. Our work sits happily amongst all these other brilliant designers. Pulse is that one place where you get that quality of product as well as the design that goes into the show. Other shows don’t have that all in one place. For us, it helps elevate what we do, the perception of what we do, particularly being a social enterprise, we can get the story across and prove that our artists are as good as anyone else – which they are."

Nikki Yates, ARTHOUSE Meath


"It’s a great opportunity to get our brand out there amongst smaller independent retailers, not just focused around the South East but also all over the UK. It’s a good opportunity to see some retailers that perhaps don’t come to the larger shows that are huge and take a long time to get around. It’s been a very successful show for us so we will be coming back next year."

Lewis Dawson, Bookspeed


"This is my first time doing Pulse, it’s actually my first time doing any trade show and it’s a market that I am really looking to get into. Pulse seemed like the natural choice because lots of brands that I associate my brand with already exhibit here, so that’s why I chose Pulse.

I think it’s really good for start-up companies to take part in exhibitions like this because it exposes your brand to a really wide range of buyers and press who you would find really difficult to make contact with on your own."

Vicky Myatt, Promises Promises

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