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12—14 May 2019 | Olympia London

Official Suppliers

Below is the list of all the official suppliers that we use for the show.

If you are contacted by a company that isn’t listed below, please be wary as they are not an official supplier.

For contact details, please visit your Operations & Marketing Manual. 

Zibrant -  Accommodation
Olympia - Car Park
Voyage Control - Vehicle Registration
Freeman UK - Electrics, Lighting, Shell Scheme Stand-fitting, Carpet, Flooring, Graphics, Furniture, Nameboards
Levys - Private Hospitality on Your Stand
N200 - Exhibitor Badges & Datapens
Eforce - Internet
Agility Fairs & Events - Lifting, Forwarding & Storage
Abraxys - Space Only Plan Approvals
DB Systems - Audio Visual Equipment
Priority Porterage - Porter and Trolley Hire
Event Live Media - Show Guide & Magazine Publisher
Eye Eye Media - Videography
Seen PR - Public Relations

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