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12—14 May 2019 | Olympia London

Marketing support

PULSE 365 Marketing Campaign

With the PULSE 365 Marketing Campaign you can make an impact and generate exposure to an engaged audience of over 70,000!

Achieve new business opportunities by reaching an audience of independent, online, multiple and department store retailers, interior designers, journalists, bloggers, distributors and many more all year round.

Exposure across Pulse 2018 Campaign

Exposure across Pulse 2018 Campaign

Including direct marketing, e-marketing,
web marketing, social and PR promotion.
Website Exposure

Website Exposure

Promote yourself on the Pulse website with your online company profile on the exhibitor list which is the most visited area of the website, get featured on the Pulse Blog and benefit from our online platform Pulse
Social Media Exposure

Social Media Exposure

With an ever-growing social media following, join the Pulse conversation & create invaluable exposure to thousands of our followers.

Newsletter Exposure

Get featured in the Pulse Edit newsletters we
send out to our audience throughout the year.

Magazine & Catalogue Features

Get featured in our printed magazine and position your brand in front of potential clients.

Press Exposure

Working with a dedicated PR agency offers
your company national exposure through
editorial pieces.

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