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13—15 May 2018 | Olympia London




Stand: C63
Sector: Fashion, FOUND
Product Categories: Jewellery & Watches, Gifts for him, Gifts for her, Gifts
Product Trails: New Products, Christmas Launches

Discover the world of Anuka

Simple things around me have always had a very special value, and are the source of my inspiration. It is what over the years I realize that makes me happier.

For several years the universe naif Anuka remained in a small jar of essences kept in a pocket close to the heart. It was those years necessary to macerate and create a world of little gems that impregnate everything…

What inspires me

Small works of art with a style 'ethnic-naif' mixing the three streams that most inspire me: antique jewelry, ethnic, and Naif style. With my designs I try to bring freshness and innocence, a unique and personal point of view shaped in forms.

From design to finishing, the metal undergoes a marvelous transformation: the bond between metal, emotion and technical result CREATION.

The design of the part does not respond to any defined process, nor is it subject to any specific technique.

Inspired by the naif universe, caught forms and concepts embodied in my jewelry.

Sometimes working on metal unexpected ideas crop up himself, others through my small sketches and illustrations, I shape the inner world of Anuka.


The material I use is basically brass, combined with glass beads, natural pearls, semiprecious stones, chains or ribbons that give the final touch to my creations.

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Ana Leiva Parodi
Paseo de Delicias 134 - 4D
+34 351 925738888

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