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12—14 May 2019 | Olympia London


  • MEET THE MAKER: Antoine Daniel

    16-Mar-2017 by: Notable Designs

    Meet Antoine Daniel, founder of The Line, an exciting new brand exhibiting at Pulse with Notable Designs. Antoine has always been a maker of sort, starting his career working as a carpenter at fashion shows, opera and even the wedding of the Prince of Monaco. But then The Line was born just one year ago.

    Now what is The Line we hear you say? In a nutshell, it's a single line drawing representing iconic cities, scanned and laser cut from a sheet of steel. AKA the perfect gift for someone who loves their city, but hates gimmicky 'I heart [insert city name]' tat...

  • URGENT: It's time to forget your preconceptions about marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay!  That's right; they're now so much more than handy websites where consumers can buy second hand goods or cheap DVDs. They can be a really valuable online extension of your retail business!

    Chris Dawson, co-founder of Tamebay is the ultimate marketplace expert and shared his advice on how you can get yourself set up…

  • PULSE TV: Sharable content? OK, but how?

    03-Mar-2017 by: Pulse TV

    When you want to create sharable content but finding the time is always your biggest challenge, it gets too easy to simply post something online for the sake of it. And we are all culprits here! Because something is better than nothing right? Wrong!

    Kathryn Tyler from Digital Mums shares tips on how to create content fitting for your audience, how to find the time and how to get it done!

  • Instagram: Are you getting it right?

    03-Mar-2017 by: Katie Law

    Move over Pinterest, Instagram is now the best way to get your visual message across. A quick look at your page can tell someone in a nanosecond where you've been, who or what you've seen and what makes you tick.

    Businesses both big and small are discovering how to harness its incredible power, from publicising a product and telling your story, to inviting people to your press show. AND, it's free, easy and fun! Here are some tips from Katie Law of the Evening Standard on what you should be doing to get the most from your Insta account...

  • A/W 2017 Colour Obsession

    02-Mar-2017 by: Geraldine Wharry

    As the Autumn/Winter collections unfold worldwide Fashion Weeks, bold colours are all the rage, complemented by a myriad of luxurious neutrals. In fact, these statement colours have become an obsession for influential designers across the globe from Calvin Klein to Mulberry.

    If you're feeling colour mad, get inspiration from this colour report brought to you by designer and fashion trend expert, Geraldine Wharry…

  • Passionate about your business idea but need some inspiration? Then look no further. 5x15 recently brought together three extraordinary entrepreneurs taking the sustainable business world by storm.

    They caught up with them for a natter about what makes them tick and how they achieved their success. So grab yourself a coffee, get comfy and get ready to be inspired with Jenny Costa, Diana Verde Nieto and Karen Hanton…

  • It's pretty simple apparently. And who better to share their wisdom than Joa Studholme from Farrow & Ball?

    So let's get some context: You have a cosy shop and you want to make it pop. What do you do with colour? Well, if you have a bright space with lots of light, simply embrace the light and colour your space in neutrals. If your space is dark, dare to be bold and bring to life strong dramatic colours.

    We caught up with Joa not only to discuss colour but to really delve into what makes an ideal shopping space…

  • You might have heard us harping on about the importance of good brand presentation, and we promise it's with good reason. So when Head of Design at made.com, Ruth Wassermann echoes our exact sentiments, it's probably safe to say that there might be some truth in our repetitive melodies.

    Katie Law of the London Evening Standard caught up with Ruth to discuss brand presentation (quelle surprise!), but also how our homes are set to change in the next 5 years with technology and this new idea of the ‘connected home'.

  • Newgate Watches – The Secret is Out...

    14-Feb-2017 by: Newgate Watches

    Newgate is a British brand created by husband and wife team Jim and Chloe Read. The brand is best known for its iconic clock designs, and most recently the launch of a signature watch collection which translates Newgate's distinctive designs into contemporary wristwear for him and her. So if you are looking for that perfectly inspiring timepiece, look no further. Newgate are at Pulse, the secret is out.

  • A/W 17/18 Trend Edit - Functional

    14-Feb-2017 by: Unique Style Platform

    Do you struggle with that sense of over-keeping? It's not quite hoarding, but it's not far off. Well there is a new, more ‘lean' way of living that is introducing us to functional, purposeful, singular and modular design.

    And as we become overwhelmed with belongings and an increased demand for quality over quantity, our basics are being re-invented with the Functional Trend for A/W 17/18, brought to you by Unique Style Platform.

  • Is social media damaging your brand?

    14-Feb-2017 by: Opal & Co

    You don't have to search hard on Google to discover a gruesome list of embarrassing social media blunders from brands as giant as Coca Cola, MTV and Microsoft.

    At best, badly managed social media chips away at your brand and muddles your marketing messages. Don't let it happen to you. Clare Yarwood-White from brand and marketing specialists Opal & Co shares her top 5 Dos & Don'ts for making your social media work for you, not against you…
  • A beginner's guide to Brand Strategy

    31-Jan-2017 by: Geraldine Wharry

    As active members of the design industries, we embrace the common perception that creativity is about taking risks and self-expression. We don't naturally want to feel hemmed in with words such as “brand strategy” which can sound like a military exercise, counter-intuitive to the creative process.

    But launching and maintaining a brand is a complex business. Whether you realise it or not, you most likely have a brand strategy. Geraldine Wharry, Trend Forecaster and Fashion Designer shares her to advice to take the leap and finally put the pen to your Brand Strategy paper.

  • Who doesn't love Oliver Bonas? Walking into their shops gives you a sense of fun discovery. They are treasure troves of exciting design, quirky gifts and the jewellery... Oh the jewellery! Being a great buyer for such a great brand can't be a walk in the park. Katie Law, Deputy Literary Editor at the Evening Standard caught up with Hannah Tait, OB's Junior Buyer for Home and Gift to discuss the trials and tribulations of being ahead of the game and having your finger on the Pulse (sic)...
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