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There is glitter literally EVERYWHERE!

There is glitter literally EVERYWHERE!

by: Meet the Maker 03-Nov-2016
  • Meet the Maker

I am Nicola Groutage, founder of FromNicLove. I create fun and fabulous handmade lashes, acrylic laser cut jewellery and festival embellishments. I am based in London.

nicola fromniclove

I started my company February 2015, so I am still very new. I had always wanted to have a creative job and own my own business. Whilst studying my PGCE, I had a little spare time and decided to have a go at using illustrator to see what I could create. 2 Months later I had my first collection, a photo-shoot planned and my brand all up and ready.

glitter fromniclove

ramen fromniclonve

I'd always been obsessed with Tatty Devine, anything that sparkled and festivals. It was a no brainer to combine all of these things; it's like creating all of my favourites.

fromniclove  bow

I aim to create work that is someone's staple piece for any outfit that you just wear to complete death. I want my pieces to be fun, bright, colourful and full of cheer. I want people to be excited to see, look at and wear my things and look forward to wearing them.


I equally love my Mermaid Glitter Lashes, as they just look incredible and won't ever get boring or old, as well as my Art Deco earrings, which have actually become my staple piece that I always wear!

fromniclove lashes

Pastel colours are totally my thing at the moment. Since coming back from Japan I think a lot of my current pieces are very Kawaaii.

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