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The Dutch design scene is on fire!

The Dutch design scene is on fire!

by: Meet the Maker 28-Sep-2016
  • Meet the Maker

We are Freek Claessen and Daan Gescher, founders of the Dutch design label Puik Art.

freek daan

A couple years ago, the Dutch government decided to cut costs in the cultural sector, resulting in fewer subsidies for graduate designers. We found that many did not have enough time to fully concentrate on designing, instead having to find other jobs to make a living.Our company is based in Amsterdam, the cultural capital of the Netherlands. We help young Dutch designers to produce and sell their designs.

puik art

We wanted to provide them with a platform where we could assist with the production and sales process of their wares, on both small and large scale projects.

We are also involved in the commercial sector, acquiring large projects from companies and linking them with the most qualified designer.

puik art

In 4 years we have helped dozens of up-and-coming Dutch designers with producing their products and connecting them to projects.

Our collection has now expanded with more interesting, larger products. As well as candleholders, candles, and clocks, we now have a stool, small table, leather lamp and even a coat hanger. Every product is, again, designed by a Dutch designer.

puik art puik art

We are trying to make a step forward in making Dutch design more popular in the UK. We are ready to show London what Dutch design is really about!

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