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Opal & Co - 10 steps to extraordinary email marketing

Opal & Co - 10 steps to extraordinary email marketing

by: Opal & Co 27-Oct-2017


Whether you call yourself a beginner or an expert, there are plenty of little ways to make big improvements in your email communications. Clare Yarwood-White from Brand & Marketing specialists Opal & Co takes you down her checklist from

1 – 10; how many can you tick off..?

The beauty of email marketing is that anyone can do it.  It's a low cost, accessible way to build relationships with your customers.  Start simple, and as your business grows, your email marketing will become more sophisticated and more effective.
If you aren't emailing your customers regularly, you are missing a trick.  If you are already using email marketing, how could you improve?
Here's a quick checklist – see if you are taking every opportunity to make your email marketing extraordinary.

1. Collect email addresses at every opportunity
It's a crime to let a customer slip through your fingers without asking for their email address.  Have a clear email sign up field on your website, and add a sign up form to your Facebook page.  When instore or at an event make sure you give every serious shopper or casual browser an irresistible invitation to sign up.

2. Get to know your customers
Don't ask for lots of personal data at first.  A simple email address is all that's needed at this stage.  Once you have an email address, you can start to build a relationship with that customer, earn their trust and go on to find out more about them. 

3. Segment your list
At the simplest level, by segmenting your list you can resend an email to people who didn't open it the first time, or reward customers who spend regularly with you.  How people respond to your emails and their shopping habits with you will build a picture that can help you to create more targeted and relevant emails.

4. Set campaign goals
Your email content will be defined by your campaign goals. Your goal could be to find out more about your customers, drive them to your blog or get them engaged with you on social media.  Don't lose sight of the ultimate goal: sales.

5. Make exciting content
Keep email content snappy with one clear message. Design can be simple as long as photography is top notch.  Feature new or popular products; run a time-sensitive promotion or special offer; give news or press updates or offer valuable advice on using or styling your products.  

6. Test subject lines
Subject lines need to be compelling if you want your email to be opened.  If your list is big enough you can test two different subjects on a small percentage of your list, and use the one that performs best to send to the rest of the list. 

7. Have a clear call to action
Know what action you want readers to take when they receive your email, and have a really strong call to action.  Don't put all your content in the email; intrigue readers then give them a reason to click.

8. Use automated emails
Automated emails are sent to individuals and are triggered by customer behaviour or other customer specific information such as a date of birth.  An automated email sent to people who abandon their shopping baskets can be extremely effective at re-engaging converting sales.

9. Integrate with other platforms
As your list grows, you can gradually integrate your data with other platforms such as e-commerce, CRM, Paypal, and social media.   Synchronising data from multiple sources will give you the best picture of your customer and result in more targeted and effective emails.

10. Send dynamic content
More sophisticated segmentation will allow you send personalised content in emails generated by customer preferences, or predict what products they might like to buy next.  You can also do things like deliver a different shopping experience for people who open the email on their mobile.  Clever stuff.


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