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12—14 May 2019 | Olympia London

My Big Break: Pickle

My Big Break: Pickle


Tell us a bit about yourself

It all started when my daughter was born and her daddy called her Pickle! As she began to play with dolls and asking for more specific accessories that I could not find anywhere, I started thinking about making my own. Having studied at Central St Martins, I had a keen eye for beautiful products, my love for inspiring design grew from there.


Watching Mary Portas' documentary about manufacturing knickers just made it click. Manufacturing in the UK was the only way to go.

With three kids at home and child-minding as a living, there was no time to move it forward until we relocated from London to Kent.

What goes into making the products?

We are proud that all of Pickle's products are made in the UK, from our printers in Lancashire to our manufacturers in Wales and Kent, to the knitters in Leicestershire and the label makers in Derbyshire. We work closely with a team of very talented people who make Britain proud. Like us they care about making fabulous items all made here in the United Kingdom.


We also use textiles made in Britain whenever we can. We have these aspirations not only because we think British made stands for quality but also because it means that people who work with us get fair wages and a tea break and importantly our products do not travel around the globe to reach us. It's not just about the profit it's about low carbon emission and doing our bit towards the environment.

What have you learned since you started?

We learned to stay focused and follow our dreams. It is definitely about having faith and learning from the mistakes!

What inspires you when you're creating new ranges?

My children are a daily source of inspiration, it always amazes me the games they invent, the way they push the creative boundaries to make anything possible. I absolutely love the way they can use certain colours together which I would never do. They have no limit which is so great to see every day.  Like Albert Einstein would say “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on”


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