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12—14 May 2019 | Olympia London

MEET THE MAKER: Polymorphics

MEET THE MAKER: Polymorphics


I am an Edinburgh-based designer. I make simple geometric objects for people to use and enjoy. I make jewellery, lighting and home décor. I love to create objects that are not only beautiful but also functional. I work mostly with wood and my designs are made to expose and highlight the natural beauty of this material. Every single object that I make is unique in shape and colour. I called my project Polymorphics, POLY from Greek means - many, MORPH – form.


My Design Life

I graduated from Edinburgh College in Interior Design but I was always interested more in practical aspects of design. Since 2015, I've been designing and making my own jewellery and experimenting with different materials and forms. Almost instantly I fell in love with wood and started developing my own forms and objects, and that was the beginning of Polymorphics.


My Inspiration:

I am inspired by modern architecture, geometry and nature. I found lots of inspiration in my surroundings; fascinating shapes, lines, forms, vibrant colours and textures. By using a natural material like wood, I am trying to capture the pure beauty of it and transform it into a contemporary object.


My Design Hero:

I don't have one… I have many! I am fascinated by people who dedicated all their life to develop their fine craftsmanship, especially ‘ordinary' people like watchmakers, shoemakers or furniture makers who mastered incredible skills and gained their knowledge and experience over the years.


My Design Style:

I love minimalism, geometry and function. I believe that beautiful and functional objects should be affordable and accessible to everyone. I would like to give people beautiful objects for their everyday life. It's fantastic to go to galleries and admire different forms of art, but I would like to give people the opportunity to have a unique sculpture to take home, love and use.


My New Collection:

My favourite product from my new collection is a candleholder made of beautiful ash olive wood. The wood is very special and comes from ‘After the storm' project: On January 3rd 2012, Cyclone Andrea swept across Scotland leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. At the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), winds of over 100 mph uprooted and injured over 30 trees. The project has been created to explore the theme of regeneration, and celebrate recovery and resilience following a storm. Members of the Scottish Furniture Makers Association were invited to interpret this theme and produce furniture from salvaged timber from storm-damaged RBGE trees. I've got some of the offcuts from Jonathan Pang, an excellent furniture maker who I'm sharing my workshop with.


Why I'm showing at Pulse:

This is my first time at Pulse, and actually, this is my first trade show ever! In the near future I would like to find new collaboration opportunities and stockists. I'm always working on new products and would like to increase my presence in the UK and international markets.

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