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12—14 May 2019 | Olympia London

MEET THE MAKER: Mosley London

MEET THE MAKER: Mosley London

by: Pulse Team: Anna Marie Mac Phee-Torres 12-Mar-2018



Tell us a bit about yourself/your brand?

Mosley London is an ethical lifestyle brand based in east London. Launched in 2017, all illustrations are designed by Lyndsey Mosley who enjoys drawing playful illustrations that make people smile. 

Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(8)  Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(9)  Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(11)

Mosley London currently creates beautiful, ethical products; tea towels, cushions, notebooks and greetings cards. The A/W 18 collection will be expanding on the current range to include; aprons and cosmetic bags. These will be launching at Pulse in May. 

Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(1)  Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(5)  Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(2)


Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration for Mosley London collections come from life in both lovely London and Ireland. Main themes include; nature, architecture and funny situations. Florals feature heavily in the prints and muted pastel colours are the signature palate. 

Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(6)  Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(12)  Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(4)

Lyndsey designs constantly and meets with lots of other artists regularly to keep up with trends and generate new fresh ideas. Mosley London enjoys collaboration and nurtures creative connections with a common goal to design and make great product. 


How would you described your design style?

Mosley London's designs are simple, clean and playful. They're illustrations that appeal to the mass market but still retain that quirky element that makes them so unique. 

Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(14)  Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(16)  Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(10)  


Can you tells us about your new/latest designs?

The A/W Collection is less about introducing new designs and more about honing the quality of existing products, to make them even better. At Pulse, we will also be launching our collection of aprons and cosmetic bags which will feature existing, popular illustrations from past seasons. 

Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(3)  Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(13)  Meet-The-Maker_at_Pulse_2018_Mosley-London-(17)   


Why are you showing at Pulse?

Showcasing at Pulse is a dream. We are a design led brand and this is the most sought after design led trade show to attend. We are very excited to be showcasing our work here in May and look forward to meeting old and new stockists. 


MEET THE MAKER: Mosley London at Pulse 2018 in stand number A34


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