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MEET THE MAKER: Jayne Kethro from T London

MEET THE MAKER: Jayne Kethro from T London

by: Meet the Maker 26-Aug-2016
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I am Jayne Kethro, Co-Founder of T London, established in 2014. I'm the creative half of the partnership.

t london

T London is a home fragrance and bath & body brand inspired by the magical tea leaf and its restorative benefits. The T team (our master perfumers, natural chemists and me) select aromatic spices and flower oils for their effects on the mind and body and blend them with active natural botanicals to help enhance specific moods.

t london

We are based in London, a city steeped in the history of tea. Our clean, skin-friendly formulas are free of SLS/SLES, parabens, artificial colours, are up to 99% natural, all made in England and never tested on animals. Our candles are hand poured in England from 100% vegetable wax with the finest blended oils, to give a slow, clean burn and a subtle constant aroma.

t london


My Design Life:

I've always been creative and passionate about traveling. After studying at London College of Fashion and a stint in the TV industry, I moved to Molton Brown where I was responsible for setting up the international hotel division. There I was lucky enough to travel to some amazing places which to this day continue to inspire me.

t london


My Inspiration:

It's two part.

Firstly, it was a desire to create something I would use at home – my own standards make me a very discerning customer! Every detail of each product was agonised over and rigorously tested. They had to have a big impact, unlike many products on the market: getting the correct throw of aroma in the candle gave me many a sleepless night. I'm so passionate about the little things – I truly believe it is all in the detail!

t london

But it wasn't enough for me to create products that simply worked: I also wanted them to mean something. Aromas trigger deep emotions, moods, memories and experiences, and this is what I set out to recreate. Each of the T London fragrances is very personal to me, bringing in experiences from my travels and blended to bring back those memories, those moments which always seemed to happen when I had a cup in hand. Tea quickly became an essential part of the concept.

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