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12—14 May 2019 | Olympia London

Meet Alice Rolfe and Chloe Wills, founders of Rolfe&Wills

Meet Alice Rolfe and Chloe Wills, founders of Rolfe&Wills

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Meet Alice Rolfe and Chloe Wills, founders of Bristol based surface pattern and screen printing company, Rolfe&Wills, specialising in high quality homewares, accessories and clothing. 


What inspired you to set up Rolfe&Wills?

I spent 10 years studying Fine Art, Sculpture and Print in London, teaching and exhibiting in and around London and Europe. Making is my passion, so moving on from the conceptual world I came back home to Bristol and with the help of my old school friend Chloe, we started an upholstery company which eventually evolved into the design company I run today.



Tell us a bit about Rolfe&Wills.

We focus on interesting colour combinations, our unique contemporary designs are vibrant, modern and fresh. We enjoy using uncommon printing techniques such as blending to create our signature style.  Rolfe&Wills is an ethical company, all items are organic, and printed with organic ink.


All designs are hand drawn and developed for the screen printing process in our built for purpose studio in Bristol.  Attention to detail is important to us, we embrace the quirks you get when layering colours on fabric, and how a considered design is always a surprise once screen printed. All our products are organic, responsibly sourced, and printed with non-toxic, organic inks.


The full range includes clothing, bags, cushions, laptop sleeves, tea towels, mugs, cards and art prints – so there is something for everyone!

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