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12—14 May 2019 | Olympia London

East End Prints - Supporting Emerging Artists since 2010

East End Prints - Supporting Emerging Artists since 2010

by: Pulse Team - Anna Marie Mac Phee-Torres 30-Nov-2017


#PulseLoves East End Prints

Pulse is the ultimate destination for fresh, up-and-coming designers, as a boutique trade event we showcase a wide spectrum of undiscovered designers, ready for breaking the boundaries of design.

We are proud to introduce East End Prints who have been supporting emerging artists across the globe since the company first established in 2010. East End Prints owner Helen Edwards has worked with hundreds of artists, licensed artworks internationally and published exclusive ranges for high street retailers including Paperchase and Habitat UK.  Helen and her team are passionate about bringing high quality, affordable art to every home.

At the heart of London's creative community, they're dedicated to staying ahead of the trends and have been supporting emerging artists since 2010. Their collection is carefully curated by an experienced team; from film inspired posters, abstracts, London, kids and vintage type, they have it all! 

East End Prints is an independent business that was established by Helen Edwards who would travel the world building a collection of her favourite artists and always wanted to keep in touch with these inspiring people and see their work represented properly. When she left her previous job to have her son she set up the business. Seven years on they are in Urban Outfitters, Habitat and have just had their first big deal with Paperchase! 

“I think that the best-curated collections come from Independent people, suppliers and businesses. We are local businesses, we all need to support each other to succeed.”

For this edition of Pulse 2018 East End Prints are bringing 85 new card designs, showcasing the works of some talented female artists like Rebecca Strickson and Sophie Ward. 

They feel inspired by strong women and are delighted to have them in their range. They are passionate about all things bright and bold and aim to offer a different alternative to the UK card and print buyer. 
Their research team has been working really hard this last year, in order to curate an exceptional print range and hopefully you'll all like it as much as we do.!


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