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Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

by: Unique Style Platform 21-Dec-2017
Carnival Christmas


Christmas goes tropical, bringing a celebratory, party atmosphere to the festive season with birds of paradise and lush florals. Rich jewel tones are key, with shades of blue forming the basis of the palette. Canary yellow, coral and bright aqua add a contrasting pop, while black is used for definition. Surfaces are subtly metalicised to add interest and a luxe edge.

Carnival Christmas

Decorations go bold, as exotic fruits and parrot baubles complete with feathers give Christmas trees a tropical rainforest twist. Oversized fold out paper fans create a colourful statement, with palm tree shapes taking the trend to the next level.

Adding an element of fun, festive piñatas in the shape of cacti are the perfect after dinner amusement for kids. Christmas cards embrace the playful carnival mood.

Vintage Christmas


Looking to the Christmases of the past, nostalgia is key. Mismatched tableware and twee touches create a rustic country mood, while floral blooms bring the outside in. The traditional festive palette of red and green is modernized with the addition of blossom pink and a ceramic blue. Soft basil and olive green add freshness against a background of antique cream.

Vintage Club

Table settings combine vintage-style cut glass, chintzy prints and hints of elegant gold to create an eclectic, thrown together feel. Pink-hued florals used on napkins and plates add a contemporary touch.

Traditional ceramic baubles decorate the tree, using classic illustrated motifs such as holly and festive wreathes, while decorated gingerbread and confectionary provide a kitsch twist.

True Love Christmas


Festive goodwill is given a 21st Century update as we embrace love and friendship and celebrate diversity, uniqueness, glamour and eccentricity.

Sequins and glitter reign, covering every surface with a metallic shine. All the colours of the spectrum are key for creating a bold statement, with rainbow brights and mirrored finishes adding to the outlandish, party mood

True Love Christmas

The true meaning of Christmas is spread through messages of love, rainbows and heart motifs. Greetings cards send contemporary festive cheer with eye catching graphics and slogans.

Decorations have metallic and sequined finishes, bordering on the edge of bad taste. Fashion accessories and beauty channel the over-the-top mood through glitter and plenty of pink.

Christmas 2018

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