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Christmas 2017 Trend Update

Christmas 2017 Trend Update

by: Unique Style Platform 01-Dec-2017


Do predications come true? USP have revisited three of our forward-thinking Pulse 2017 A/W trends - Functional, Botanical and Indulgent Christmas – to see how these trends are emerging across retail, providing a fresh and inspiring update on their evolution and application...


The Functional Trend for A/W 17/18 was informed by the growing consumer demand for slow living, quality over quantity and a clutter free lifestyle. Practicality and durability were key, with products including clever storage solutions, adaptable homewares, lust-worthy stationary, minimal fashion accessories and graphic, geometric prints - all with an industrial edge.


The Functional Trend is appearing in retail through practical, yet beautifully designed homewares and stationary. Materials and surfaces have either 
matte finishes or a subtle, metallic shine. Primary shades and grey are still important, although they start to become washed and chalked, with the addition of clay brown and bronze.


In reaction to increasingly urban living environments, a ‘nature deficit' has developed in consumers, fuelling a demand for house plants, cultivation and home farming. The Botanical Trend reflected the importance of taking time to appreciate the outdoors, with herbal beauty products and traditional country kitchen inspired homewares providing a fresh take on nature for A/W 17/18.


The calming appeal of nature continues to dominate, with the Botanical Trend appearing in retail across interiors, homeware and beauty. Original planters and containers have become a key product, with shades of green and a hint of floral brights the classic colour story. As the trend evolves, print and pattern becomes more organic, while vegetable influences translate to ceramics.  


The Indulgent Christmas Trend for 2017 provided a sparkly escape from real life during the festive season, questioning good taste and channelling fun and excess. High-shine metallics and tinsel reigned, combining nostalgia and a retro mood with bold brights and plenty of glitter. This trend was perfect for kitsch Xmas decorations, also working well for party accessories and beauty.


The Indulgent Christmas Trend has arrived in retail, creating a festive party atmosphere and working perfectly for eye-catching displays and in-store visual merchandising. Rainbow brights continue to be key for decorations, with all-important glitter, sequins and high-shine metallic finishes. Table settings and food get the same treatment, making Christmas dinner fun.


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