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14—16 May 2017 | Olympia London

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  • When you think of festivals, you probably think wet wellies, mud literally EVERYWHERE, cracking headliners, warm beer, cramped tents and GLITTER! Dressing up and covering your face in this multi-coloured sparkle extravaganza is pretty much a must! So when an inspiring maker comes along with all the glitter in all the colours and all the sizes and combines that with bonkers lashes and laser-cut jewellery that look like yummy bowls of ramen, you get our seal of approval! Brighten your day and meet the fun and fabulous Nicola Groutage, founder of FromNicLove…

  • Blogging is essentially the new word of mouth. With so many of us turning to the internet for advice and recommendations, having bloggers on your side can effectively boost everything about your brand, from sales to awareness and new opportunities.

    But what is your way in to this elite circle of influencers?

    If you don’t already know Kate Baxter, it’s time to get informed. Founder of fabricofmylife.co.uk, one of the most highly regarded design blogs in the UK, Kate shares her tips to work with the right bloggers…

  • We always look forward to that transition from those dark and dreary winter days to the brighter and lighter hints of spring. But finding a fitting wardrobe and style for this can prove to be a bit tricky. Fear not, Fashion Trend Expert Claire Foster has a solution! Picture this: a fashion accessory trend that perfectly encapsulates the romanticism of the change in season; that draws you into nature with a palette of colours and textures that are so introspectively calming. The New Ethereal trend is a must for the trans-seasonal drop. It’s soothing, meditative and utterly understated…

  • Amsterdam might be a cultural capital, but its design scene is hot hot hot. At the forefront of this exciting movement, meet Freek Claessen and Daan Gescher, founders of the Dutch design label Puik Art. What makes them unique is they are the platform that helps the hottest emerging designers get on their feet and sell their frankly beautiful wares. Watch this space because there is so much more to come in the next few years…

  • Have you ever walked into a room and asked yourself: "What were you thinking when you picked up your paintbrush?" Fret not; Joa Studholme from Farrow & Ball is pretty much the ultimate colour expert. If you’re wondering what colour to choose in your shop, follow her simple tips in this video to transform it into the best space to add that extra pizzazz to your products…
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